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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for expressing interest in our revolutionary WRF-On-Demand web application, where you can run customized WRF simulations from anywhere you can access web browser.
• We have released an initial beta test version of this site. We invite you to use the site and share with us your valued feedback.
• Please note that this is still under development. Finalized options such as GPU runs, global initialization model usage, and high-nodes runs (among others) are not supported in this beta test.
• To participate in the beta test, simply agree to the following Beta Tester Agreement and we will get you setup with an account:
1. In using this site, you agree to hold harmless and indemnify TempoQuest, Inc and its agents, officers, providers, employees, associates, and/or affiliates for any negative outcome in relation to your usage of the service, including failure to obtain services or absence of quality in relation to the rendition of said services.
2. You understand that the deliverable of the cloud model runs is solely raw GRIB2 data files. You agree that you understand the this site´s On-Demand WRF runs output only the raw gridded data in GRIB2 format, and that is this is useful to you. The user is expected to download these and do whatever he or she wants with them, which usually might involve the user writing their own software programs to handle this data according to their own purposes. This site currently only offers the WRF cloud model runs on demand service and does not do anything with the raw output data. We intend to add a browser-based visualization service soon.
3. You agree that the output weather model data from from this site is made with no warranty or guaranty of accuracy, timeliness, or completion, that your usage of the site and such generated forecast data is at your own risk, and should not be relied upon for any decision-making purposes.
4. You agree that, upon being charged a stated amount before the execution of any cloud WRF run, the failure of this site to satisfactorily execute or complete said run shall not be grounds to maintain an action against TempoQuest, Inc. and that you accept a reasonable risk that technical errors will occur which frustrate model execution, and that TempoQuest shall not be liable to reimburse in such instances.
5. You agree that, in such an unforeseen case wherein a cloud run completely fails to execute because of technical problems, you will promptly contact us with the relevant payment receipt information and that we may take reasonable efforts to re-execute the simulation or issue a partial or full reimbursement at our sole discretion and under no terms of obligation to do so.
We look forward to welcoming you and listening to your valuable feedback as we continue to refine our product.
TempoQuest, Inc