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Who we are

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TempoQuest Inc. (TQI) is a Software As A Service (SaaS) company established to meet the need for faster, high-resolution weather forecasts. TQI was founded in Boulder, CO in 2015 to re-factor the open-source Weather Research Forecast (WRF) model to process on GPUs. TQI’s mission has been to accelerate WRF and offer accelerated WRF predictions as a service to the weather industry and weather sensitive businesses. The original model, developed and maintained as a public domain by NCAR, runs on traditional CPUs.

To accelerate such a model, the software engineers at TQI have successfully ported the majority of the original model to be executed on GPUs, which resulted in an average acceleration of 5x when a single socket GPU is compared to a single socket CPU. Such a notable acceleration opens new capabilities in NWP modeling by providing capabilities to perform high-resolution (or ultra-high resolution) modeling that can potentially forecast hyper local weather events. Development efforts are currently focused for a first release of the service on/before April 2019.

TQI is partnering with the best available resources such as NVIDIA Corporation, Amazon Web Service, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and Scientific Technology for Atmospheric Research (STAR). NVIDIA committed to providing TQI with supports including application engineering, software integration, and sale's marketing. On June 2018, NVIDIA appointed TQI as their exclusive GPU-WRF developer. Futhermore, TQI's service is built on the Amazon Web Service (AWS) platforms such as AWS EC2 and AWS S3. TQI has close relationship with different teams at Amazon such as scientific computing team (based in Seattle), open global data team (based in Munich), and data sustainability team (based in North Carolina).

TQI appreciates your interest in out service. Please send your query to support@tempoquest.com.